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"Torus.kz" Technologies of the future, available today!

Over the past couple of years, the company "Torus.kz" has brought several high-tech projects into reality.

We presented a unique interactive 3D map "TORUSMAPS" to guests and residents of Uralsk.

We developed and installed interactive kiosks and a virtual promoter for the local history museum in Uralsk.

For the first time in Kazakhstan, the diarama in the M. Mametov Museum was revived using 3D mapping technologies.

By order of the city akimat, together with historians, we developed the first interactive book “History of Uralsk”.

In the XIX International competition "The Art of Books" of the CIS member states, held as part of the XXV Moscow International Book Exhibition-Fair, she received the Grand Prix?

Our team also did this and much more for other cities in Kazakhstan!

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West Kazakhstan region, Uralsk city, st Dina Nurpeisova 12, office 27